The NP-26 series trailers are unbraked trailers with a total weight of 750 kg or braked trailers with a total weight of as much as 1300 kg.

Loading platform 2650x1240x400 mm.

Design with a "V" drawbar, sheet metal side boards 400 mm with Al-Zn finishing; right, 13" wheels, 7-pole electrical installation for unbraked and 13-pole electrical installation for braked trailers, the floor is made of water-resistant plywood with a thickness of 15 mm.

On a standard basis, the NP-26 series trailers are equipped with 4 anchoring eyes, the braked variants have, in a standard design, also a jockey wheel with a holder, wheel scotch blocks and the rear AGADOS SMART LED lamps.
The tilting NP-26 trailer has a rear plywood driving-up board, suitable for driving up of garden machinery
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The NP-26 series trailers can be equipped with interesting accessories or it is possible to select various modifications.

Jockey wheel with a holder
Supporting legs with a holder
Upper structure of side boards
Lock for the locking of the trailer coupling
Anchoring eye foldings into the floor
Cover canvas or canvas with a structure
Wheel scotch block
Spare wheel
Spare wheel holder
Manual jack for the tilting variant
Reinforced coupling to the unbraked design
Reinforced axle to the unbraked design
Dampers for axles
Tilting design of the body
Front openable board
13-pole electrical installation at an unbraked design
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