VZ-31 = big trailer not only of the size of loading area. It can carry and help a lot. "Muscleman" with completely welded frame. Singl- and double axle design with both fixed and tilting body ...

Basic Features

  • loading area 3015x1545x350mm
  • strong welded frame with additional crossbars
  • fixed or tilting platform (in 1-axle version)
  • 1-axle or tandem axle versions, unbraked and braked models
  • braked models with brake system Al-ko
  • anti-slip waterproof plywood platform
  • V-drawbar
  • sideboards from plywood
  • frontal grating, reling (in version without canvas and with plywood sideboards)
  • rear ramp for combined tail lights
  • 13" or 14" tyres according to total weight

Variants, Modifications, Accessories

  • opening frontboard
  • sideboard plywood color option brown, grey, white or black or from profiled aluminum
  • shock-absorber on axles
  • jockey wheel (standard on brake models)
  • scotch blocks (standard on brake models)
  • supporting legs for stability during loading
  • spare wheel
  • coupling lock
  • 13" mudguards from coloured plastic
  • anchor eyes into platform
  • flat canvas or with construction

2-axle VZ with grey sides

Trailer VZ with front opening and jockey wheel

Tilting version of VZ

VZ with aluminium sides and mounted reling

Tilting version with opened rear ramp

Solid welded frame

Tilting version of VZ

Tilting version of VZ with aluminium sides and canvas

Safety screwed joints

VZ with aluminium sides, canvas and spare wheel

VZ with brown plywood sides and canvas

VZ with brown plywood sides and canvas

Modern rear lamps

Front opening

VZ with aluminium sides, canvas and spare wheel