AGADOS trailer advantages

Company AGADOS tries to develop, design and manufacture trailers, so that they to serve to customers to the nines and for the longest possible time. We have herewith come from trailer manufacture experiences since 1992. See some below mentioned advantages of our trailers ...
  • all metal parts are hot-galvanized (zinc-coated) or galvanized and thus protected against corrosion
  • robust completely welded or mounted chassis for high level trailer resistance
  • usage of high-quality components (axles, braking systems, lighting, couplings) from prestigious manufacturers AL-KO KOBER, KNOTT, JOKON and WINTERHOFF
  • aluminium profiles and parts are surface-treated by anodizing
  • usage of water-resistant multilayer glued foliated plywood, with anti-slip surface on floors
  • reliable and maintainingless axles with own high attenuation
  • progressive design and structural solutions
  • spare part and service offer also for older trailer types
  • established ISO 9001 standards including development