PORTHOS... The biggest of our tilting trailers, which we are really proud of. You can load not only the sand or miniexcavator on the large loading platform but occasionally also a car. PORTHOS is really multi-purpose.

Basic Features

  • loading area 4150x2100x350mm
  • three-sided dump trailer
  • stable all-welded frames with cross beams
  • V-drawbar
  • electric hydraulic pump of dumping with battery
  • dismountable and tilting sideboards from aluminium profiles
  • front openable
  • brake system Al-ko
  • waterproof plywood floor 15mm  with option of metal sheet overlay 1,5mm
  • 14" wheels
  • jockey wheel
  • scotch blocks
  • 8x anchoring eyes
  • assembled lodgement of ascending rails in frame

Variants, Modifications, Accessories

  • aluminium ascending rails 2650mm x 325mm
  • supporting legs for stability during loading
  • spare wheel
  • shock-absorber on axles
  • mesh extension, side extension or sideboards 500mm
  • plane with construction

Tipper Portos with strong and stabile welded frame

Electric-operated hydraulics of tilting

Aluminium rails carried under platform

Cast-iron hingues, which enable sideboards removal

Tipper Portos with strong and stabile welded frame