News in manufacture programme

News.jpg Dear customers, we have prepared few news in our manufacture programme for you. Miniexcavator trailer, tilting trailers VZ, ... .

Two-axled one side tipper ATHOS

We newly offer the compact tipper ATHOS also in two-axled design, with the increased total weight 2000 kg.


Trailer VZ 27 O not only for animal transportation

The range of trailers VZ 27 O with the loading area 2500 x 1500 mm is newly offered. In a combination with a plastic cover, the trailer does not serve only for animal transportation but it is also the favourite variantion for transportation of, for instance motorbikes or it is a cheaper variant of box trailers. It is also possible to order side door additionally to all VZ O trailers.

Trailer VZ O with plastic cover

Trailer range VZ 26 and VZ 27 newly manufactured also in tilting version

Plywooden trailers VZ 26 and VZ 27 are possible to be ordered newly also in tilting version, similarly to the trailer VZ 31. The trailer VZ 27 is also available in plateau design.

Trailer VZ 27 plateau is proper for the transportation of small agricultural mechanizations, four-wheels, tractors, snow scooters an so on. 4 pcs of anchoring eyes 750 kg folding are included in basic prices.

Sklopná varianta přívěsu VZ

New trailer VZ 32 ALU "EXPRESS"

VZ-32 Alu "Express" is more voluminous variant of the smaller trailer VZ 22 ALU "EXPRESS". Loading area 3000 x 1800 mm. The advantage is the light but robust structure.


Brzděný přívěs Expres

Trailer VZ 31 for miniexcavator tranportation

It is the transporter for miniexcavators and other technics. This trailer is possible to be manufactured with both steel and aluminium loading ramps, alternatively it can be equipped with height-adjustable drawbar. Standard design is however with the steel loading ramps.

Přívěs VZ-31 pro přepravu minibagrů s výškově stavitelnou ojí

Side board extension with the favourite HANDY trailer range

It is now possible to order the side board extension 350 mm for HANDY trailers. The extension is also possible to be used with older trailers of HANDY range.

Handy s nástavbou bočnic a překrývací plachtou