NEW !!! Single-axle trailer 3500 kg - AGADOS

1achse.png Finally it is here !!! We offer newly also trailers DONA with 3500 kg total weight in single-axle design.

Do you travel all over Europe ? Are you afraid of  the toll establishment in the Czech Republic ? Thanks to the single-axle design of our DONA trailers and to the toll payment system in Europe, your costs connected with the trailer purchase will return to you quickly.

The trailers DONA are nowadays manufactured in the company AGADOS also in single-axle design.  The adaptation for one axle is possible with the trailer DONA of the loading width 2,47 m a loading length up to 7,4 m.

Charge for the single-axle design (against the standard tandem DONA design) is             1 880,00 EUR in basic price.