model range

VZ-27 O

The largest trailer from VZ O range. Popular trailer not only for animal transport. With plastic cover, it is suitable also for transport of motorbikes.


Miniexcavator transporter with integrated ascending rails and front basket.


Low price, a lot of pleasure!!! Those are unbraked trailers HANDY, the AGADOS´ best selling trailers.


Low price, a lot of pleasure!!! Those are unbraked trailers HANDY, the AGADOS´ best selling trailers.


Low price, a lot of pleasure!!! Those are unbraked trailers HANDY, the AGADOS´ best selling trailers.


Panter... Simply, the trailer for car transportation and nothing else...


WETBI ... Plywooden trailer with favourite loading area. Plywooden "twin" of HANDY 3.


PORTHOS... The biggest of our tilting trailers, which we are really proud of. You can load not only the sand or miniexcavator on the large loading platform but occasionally also a car. PORTHOS is really multi-purpose.

DONA-5021 5,0x2,1

DONA 5,0 x 2,1 m... Loading area for 10 europalletes and the narow body line are its advantages.


SMA... This is the compact transporter of small technics or smaller cars. Very popular trailer for veteran car transportations.

VZ-21 O

VZ-21 O... Not only animals feel good in this trailer.

VZ-18 O

VZ-18 O... The smallest trailer from our VZ O range.


KANGAROO... Single-purpose transporter for 2 motorbikes.


ADAM-Special... Narrower version of the car transporter ADAM 4,15 m. When you want your trailer not to be wider than your car.

DONA-12 8,6x2,47

DONA 8,6 x 2,47 m ... Trailer for bulky loads behind lighter lorries. Loading area for 20 europallets.


ADAM  4,15m... Is it still the car transporter or the real multi-purpose trailer ? In platform design with side boards, you will be able to transport plenty of various loads more than cars.

DONA-13 9,8x2,47

DONA 9,8 x 2,47 m... The real giant among trailers for bulky loads. Loading area for 24 europallets.


VZ-27... Younger but bigger brother of VZ 26 trailer. The wider body moreover with tilting platform can come in useful for your quad, grass-mower ...

VZ-22 Alu Express

VZ 22 ALU "EXPRESS"... Very popular trailer with large loading area but small outside dimensions. Dismountable and tilting side boards enable to load the trailer from sides and to transport wider and longer load.


ATHOS... Compact tipper regarding its loading area. But great of the fact, what is possible to load and transport. Strong hydraulic and completely welded frame create the tireless "wheelhorse" from it.


Trailers NP-26... The longest one from NP range. Tilting and/or fixed platform, braked and unbraked design. Many possibilities to choose ...


ATLAS... This is our "muscleman" on four wheels. Not even after years of drudgery he will feel any pain in his completely welded body ...


KANGAROO 12... Luxury transporter for 2 motorbikes with plywooden floor.


KANGAROO 15... Transporter for 3 motorbikes. Maybe you are going to set for a racing with your friends ...


VZ-31 = big trailer not only of the size of loading area. It can carry and help a lot. "Muscleman" with completely welded frame. Singl- and double axle design with both fixed and tilting body ...


ADAM 5,15 m... This trailer with the loading length 5,15 m is suitable for transport of longer cars, vans or other technics.

VZ-26 O

VZ-26 O... Trailer not only for animal transportation, with favourite size of loading area.


VZ-23... Small - big professional trailer....Only two meters long but two europalletes can be loaded. Braked and unbraked design. Ideal trailer for everyday use.


Trailers NP... Time-proven, very variable trailers...


Trailers NP... Time-proven, very variable trailers...


Very robust and reliable...VZ-30 can help a lot. Single- and double-axle design.


VZ-26... Professional trailer for 3 europallets. Very universal trailer. With tilting platform can come in useful for your quad, grass-mower ...


VZ-21 is the trailer with the favourite loading area. Perfect assistant at your private working or in  your firm ...


VZ-18... Small but robust trailer. The smallest one from our plywood trailer range. But also with small trailer you can realize big things...


Trailers NP... Time-proven, very variable trailers...


VZ-33 is our next "Muscleman" we are proud of. Ideal trailer for loading of 5 europallets. Braked single- or double-axle versions.

DONA-6621 6,6x2,1

DONA 6,6 x 2,1 m... Double-axle braked trailer for loading of 13 europallets.

DONA-6619 6,6x1,95

DONA 6,6 x 1,95 m...  Exceptionally long but narrow ... For really long loadings or for 10 europallets.

DONA-6121 6,1x2,1

DONA 6,1 x 2,1 m... Behind your van with 12 europallets loaded.

DONA-6119 6,1x1,95

DONA 6,1 x 1,95 m... Narrow and quite long trailer. Loading area for 10 europallets.

DONA-5019 5,0x1,95

DONA 5,0 x 1,95 m... Perfect trailer for transportation of longer loads or for loading of 8 europallets. Due to small width, it fits both your van and private car.

DONA-4121 4,15x2,1

DONA 4,15 x 2,1 m... Simply "hard worker" like every DONA. Loading area for 8 europallets.

DONA-4117 4,15x1,7

DONA 4,15 x 1,7 m... You will hide it behind your car or van, though it will take 6 europallets, maybe something extra.

DONA-3817 3,8x1,7

DONA 3,8 x 1,7 m is the smallest from the DONA range trailers. But only regarding the loading area - not regarding its utility. Effective for 6 europallets.

DONA-6 4,15x2,47

DONA 4,15 x 2,47 m... The trailer is quite short but thanks to the width, you can load even10 europallets.

DONA-8 5,7x2,47

DONA 5,7 x 2,47 m... If you need to transport 14 europalletes, good choice ...

DONA-3 4,15x2,2

DONA 4,15 x 2,2 m... With favourite loading dimensions it is perfect for loading of 8 europallets.

DONA-9 6,1x2,47

DONA 6,1 x 2,47 m... Time-proven and popular trailer not only for 15 europallets. Due to its size, it is suitable for connection behind lighter lorries. And you can see a lot of them on roads ...

DONA-7 5,0x2,47

DONA 5,0 x 2,47 m... Suitable behind a small lorry. Wide loading area for possible 12 europallets.

DONA-10 6,6x2,47

DONA 6,6 x 2,47 m... The best selling trailer from DONA range for connection behind lighter lorries. Loading area for 16 europallets. Reliable and strong braked trailer.

DONA-11 7,4x2,47

DONA 7,4 x 2,47 m... High-capacity trailer with loading area for 18 europallets. Trailer for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

DONA-4 6,1x2,2

DONA 6,1 x 2,2 m...6 meter long trailer not only for 12 europallets. Due to its width, it is suitable for connection behind vans or smaller lorries

DONA-2 5,0x2,2

DONA 5,0 x 2,2 m... Next one from the family of 5 metre DONA trailers ...  For 10 europallets.

DONA-1 6,6x2,2

DONA 6,6 x 2,2 m... For 13 europallets - and a little bit of space still remains ...

DONA-M 4,15x1,95

DONA 4,15 x 1,95 m... Suitable behind your van. Plenty of these trailers on roads ...

DONA-5722 5,7x2,2

DONA 5,7 x 2,2 m... Classic in our offer. Well tested and still favourite. Not only for 11 europallets.

VZ-32 Alu Express

VZ 32 ALU EXPRESS is younger but bigger brother of the trailer VZ 22 ALU EXPRESS. Elegant partner. Hit in the last year offer.

DONA-5719 5,7x1,95

DONA 5,7 x 1,95 m ...Narrow and long. Due to narow silhouette suitable behind a van. Loading area for 9 europallets.

DONA-5721 5,7x2,1

DONA 5,7 x 2,1 m... Narrow and long trailer not only for 11 europallets.