KANGAROO 12... Luxury transporter for 2 motorbikes with plywooden floor.

Basic Features

  • loading area 2500x1250x100mm
  • strong welded frame with two additional crossbars
  • V-drawbar
  • braked models with brake system Al-ko
  • 3 transport rails with 2 bows for motorbike wheel fixing. 1 transporting rails used for fitting loading rail
  • 13" or 14" tyres according to total weight
  • anti-slip waterprooved plywood platform
  • anchoring eyes in platform
  • 10cm sideboards from brown plywood

Variants, Modifications, Accessories

  • shock-absorbers on axles
  • sideboard plywood color option brown, grey, white or black
  • jockey wheel (standard on brake models)
  • scotch blocks (standard on brake models)
  • supporting legs for stability during loading
  • coupling lock
  • side extension
  • plane with canvas (only with side extension)

Adjustable rail

Kangaro-12 with side extensions

Braked trailer Kangaro-12