ADAM-Special... Narrower version of the car transporter ADAM 4,15 m. When you want your trailer not to be wider than your car.

Basic Features

  • loading area 4150x1880(x350)mm
  • hydraulic tilting of platform operated by hand pump
  • stable V-drawbar with strong welded frame with additional crossbars
  • anti-slip waterproofed plywood platform
  • brake system Al-ko
  • jockey wheel
  • scotch blocks
  • anchoring eyes
  • front LED lamps and modern tail combined lamps
  • reailing with transverse strut for fixing of front wheels of transported car (on models plateau) or dismountable and tilting sideboards from aluminium profiles (on models platform with sideboards)
  • ascending 500mm long rails under platform or rear tilting loading ramp covered by riffled aluminium sheet
  • wheels 195/50B10 or 155/70R12

Variants, Modifications, Accessories

  • removable winch with holder
  • plywood platform covered with alu riffled metal sheet
  • canvas with construction (on models platform with sideboards)
  • opening front (on models platform with sideboards)
  • shock-absorber on axles
  • spare wheel

Adam in tilted position

Adam plateau with 12" wheels

Adam platform with 12" wheels

Adam platform with 12" wheels with rear ramp

Ascending 500mm long rail of trailer Adam under loading platform

Rear ramp covered with alu riffled sheet

Detail of trailer Adam

Winch with holder

Hydraulics of trailer Adam

Adjustable front side wheel stop block

Trailer Adam plateau with rear ramp

Trailer Adam platform

Trailer Adam with high aluminium dropsides

Trailer Adam

Stabile and strong welded frame with additional crossbars

Removable sideboards

Trailer adam with loaded tractor

Adam in tilted position

3-axles version of trailer Adam with 10" wheels

Stable frame of trailer Adam