Company History

AGADOS company can pride itself on more than 120 years of industrial manufacture. It has occupied itself with trailer manufacture since 1992.

The company continues in the old, more than 120 years tradition of the local industrial plant, that was nationalized in 1948 and transformed into state-owned company. Although the primary owners do not participate in the company anymore, they permitted engineers they to come into the history of their former plant and to continue in the development of the industry in the region.

The company AGADOS itself was established in 1992 by the privatization of the plant Agrostroj Pelhrimov. That plant had occupied itself until that time with the manufacture of mill machinery, manure spreaders and other agricultural machinery and also with building of pasture garners.

The idea to manufacture trailers came after being addressed by one Belgian company that tried to find a supplier that time, and finally the idea realization was done. With today´s wide assortments it is unbelievable that only two trailer models were manufactured in the very start - they were small unbraked trailers. During next years, the manufacturing programme was enlarged of  braked trailers. In order to increase the export volume, the affiliated company AGADOS GmbH was established in Germany. In 2001, the affiliated company AGADOS Slovakia was established. The company occupies itself with both sales and trailer manufacture.

On the ground of the continuous increase of manufacture, the company moved into the new premises in 2006.

Old buildings of Agados company

Old VOSA pruduct list

Company logo development

One of the first produced trailers DONA

Trailer NP with plastic cover produced in 1992

Old box trailer

One of first made trailer VZ

Trailer VZ made in 1992